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Who Is Adrienne Barr?

Adrienne Barr is the author of the International Best Seller and Teacher's Pick children's book, "Dancing with Butterflies: Discovering Mindfulness Through Breathing". The book was released on September 19, 2020 as a tribute to her Aunt Anne who was a surrogate grandmother and a life long educator.


During her author journey which began in March 2020, she discovered how the processed fulfilled her. From creating content, to writing additional books, and mentoring other authors, she wants to be able to share her wealth of knowledge. As a result of this new found passion, she created Ellena N. Gean Books to continue to publish her stories. The name of her business was created as an homage to her parents and a play on their middle names with her middle initial connecting them.

Adrienne is a proud mother, daughter, sister, and friend. She enjoys committing her time to help others which include community service work and mentoring those in need. As a Human Resources Professional for over 15 years, she is able to apply the same method of helping the total person within the employment sector providing them much needed community resources to improve their circumstances. Adrienne has a passion for empowering others in every stage of life and is a strong advocate for mental and spiritual wellness. 

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