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Dancing with Butterflies: Discovering Mindfulness Through Breathing

Oh no! What's this feeling Leah has as she prepares for her very first dance recital?


Her mommy thinks it's butterflies, but that cannot be. Everyone knows butterflies aren't in our tummies. Or are they? In this meditation for

beginners' book, Leah learns that deep breathing exercises are not only relaxing, but the perfect way to calm her tummy. This beautifully illustrated mommy and me book encourages readers to manage anxiety with an easy-to-read story. Designed to educate children and parents on the power of breathing techniques to overcome anxiety, this book encourages African-American children to recognize the beauty in body

awareness, so they have the confidence to dance their way to their dreams!


Grab your copy for the special little dancer in your life! 

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My Uncle The Superhero: An Uncle Celebration

In this easy-to-read story, Mr. Baldwin teaches his students that superheroes are much closer than we realize. They could be our uncles or other male figures in our lives doing extraordinary things in plain sight. This beautifully illustrated children’s book encourages us to appreciate and edify the people in our lives.

This book is designed to affirm men and highlight the influence they have on children while appreciating time spent making amazing memories. Through the debating classroom, Mr. Baldwin learns more about how males influence his class and reminds the reader that anyone can be a superhero! This book encourages the African-American community to celebrate men for even the little things they do.

Grab this book for a special child in your life to encourage them to celebrate the superpowers of people in their lives!

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